Fragocastello is situated in a remote corner of Sfakia region, in South Crete. On a plain of wild nature beauty, with the White Mountains in the backgroun, endless sandy beaches are spreading, along Libyan Sea. This place is one of many surprises which the South Crete nature offers to a visitor. The magic picture is completed the Kallikratis gorge with the homonymous plateau and, a bit further, the wonderful Imbros gorge. Fragocastello got its name from the famous Venetian fortress which dominates in the region, built in the 14th century. 
Fragocastello is a small sea-side village in South Crete. Due to its beauty and history it became in the recent years a calm, quiet tourist site, and beside all the facilities for its guests, it still preserves its special color. There are enough taverns, cafes and even quiet bars which don’t disturb neither the peace of the landscape nor its aesthetical harmony. Even if you don’t meet the famous “dew-men”, it is very probable that in the stillness of the night, where only splatter of the sea and the muted cricket’s song can be heard, you’ll hear a voice inside you: a voice that is usually muffled by the noisy city.
Fragocastello has gorgeous beaches with sand and clear transparent water, protected from the south wind of Lybian Sea. The main beach next to the fortress, with big sandy coast and calm shallow waters is one of the safest and most beautiful in South Crete, totally suitable for young children. The sea deepens gradually and is very pleasant for kids who can play there carelessly. There are sunbeds and umbrellas and the beach is always clean. Also there is a small bar which serves drinks and snacks.
West of the fortress there is another beach with pebbles and rocky bottom, suitable for snorkeling and fishing.
About 600 m left of the fortress there is another beach, also protected from the winds. This is one of the most impressive coasts in South Crete, known as “Orthi Ammos” (Standing Sand). It is remote and quiet, far from the road, while in one part of it nudism is allowed. The sea is very clean and deepens quite gradually.
Villas Notos are just a few steps away from this beach.
In Fragocastello and the villages around it you will find many shops where local traditional foodstuff may be purchased: honey, cheese, oil, herbs. The villages you can visit are: Argoules, Kapsodasos, Patsianos, Vouves (where the oldest oil tree in the world can be seen!) and, naturally, the most legendary Chora Sfakion. From Chora Sfakion a ferry boat departs for Gavdos, the most south part of Europe.
The region is the best for walking, while for nature lovers there is a wonderful Kallikratis gorge . You can also visit the Imbros gorge, which is also quite close to Fragocastello. A little bit further the Askifou plateau lies.
Finally, besides the archeological sites that you’ll see in Fragocastello – fortress, late Christian St.Nikitas’ basilica and the small St.Charalambos monastery – you can visit Anopoli, where the ruins of big ancient settlement were found.
Fragocastello, with its natural beauty, the traditional villages around it, its authentic character and lots of various activities it offers to the visitors, is a calm and romantic place that will take your breath away! 

Notos Villas is only a few metres away from this beach
In Fragocastello all beaches are friendly and safe for the children